Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Construction Accident Reports - Construction Accident - Construction Site

Construction Accident Reports - A Brief Insight

Construction accident reports state that any accident taking place on the building site would be deemed as a construction accident. A construction accident could involve a worker(s) working on the site, a worker(s) not working on the site or a bystander(s).

According to construction accident reports, a construction accident would include any accident that took place on a building site. Victims of construction accidents may include construction workers, other vendors on the construction site, sub-contractors and/or bystanders. On a construction site, a construction worker or a bystander could be injured due to a fall, by being struck by equipment, due to electrocution, or by being caught in equipment.

Construction Accidents
Construction accident reports often reveal that when a bystander is injured on building site, the contractor could be held liable under for the personal injury. On the other hand, if a construction worker is injured on a construction site, workers compensation laws would apply. In the event that a construction accident leads to injury or death of a construction worker who was not an employee of the negligent party, the victim can still file a suit under the general personal injury laws.

According to common law and OSHA standards, the contractor in charge of the building site can be responsible for any construction accident that occurs on his/her site. Victims of construction accidents often file construction accident suits to recover their medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. For filing a construction accident suit, one should hire a lawyer who specializes in construction accident lawsuits.

There are many laws and regulations that ensure the safety of the workers and bystanders. But still thousands of people are either killed or injured in construction accidents every year.

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